How I Spent My Vacation

Since I am too tired and LAZY, this will be in bullet form and in no specific order...
  • Played and lost while playing Texas Hold 'Em Poker
  • Listened to the OST of Wicked, The Last Five Years, and my fave: Rent
  • Got scolded for nothing
  • Actually shopped for my own clothes na pinagsisisihan ko na ngayon; I bought stuff from Folded and Hung and Plains and Prints
  • Bought gifts for my manitos and my cousins, my mom and my nieces and nephews, and my godchildren
  • Played Warcraft Frozen Throne DOTA a couple of times
  • Pigged out more than enough times at Lachi's and some other places
  • Watched King Kong by myself and liked it
  • Watched Mulawin and Ako Legal Wife
  • Got hooked on Law and Order on the Crime/Suspense channel
  • Sang along (off-key) with videoke machines
  • Neglected my blogs, BOO!!!
  • Won P2,000.00!!!
  • Lost my wallet but got it back after a couple of days
  • Attended (but not organized :D) the Christmas Party/Reunion of my HS batch (PSHS-MC '99: the LEGENDS!) and ENJOYED IT!!! ;)
  • Got a Moonflower set ;)
  • Got a pair of Havaianas
  • Got a new book: My Fair Maladies edited by Cristina Pantoja-Hidalgo :D
  • Bought cute new undies
  • Hated somebody sooo much more
  • Loathed another person
  • Decided to really lose weight (AS IF!)

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