Stepford Wives

Nicole Kidman + Bette Middler + Glenn Close + Matthew Broderick + Christopher Walken = FANTASTIC!!! FANTASTIC!!! FANTASTIC!!!

The first time I watched Stepford Wives, I fell in love with it. The movie is both freaky and funny.

The acting is impeccable. I just love, love, love the reaction shots of Nicole Kidman. I was blown away by her acting when she was fired. Better Middler played a character similar to her character in The First Wives Club, but I don't mind coz I simply adore her. Matthew Broderick fit his role to a T, but I think he is already too typecasted into those kinds of roles. Directors should really give him another type of role for a change. Christopher Walken was scary but Glenn Close was the freakiest of them all. Her perfect smile and unruffled stance is just that, perfect! Props should also be given to the extras who played the perfect Stepford Wives.

The story was good. The final scene made me gasp, literally. It was that good. The scene with the "ad" for the Stepford Wives was damn funny, but eery at the same time.

But really, I think it's the production staff that makes the home run. Everything is perfect, perfect, perfect. The costumes were rightly over the top and so was the Martha Stewart-ish homes.

Stedford Wives is a must-see for fans of dark comedies.

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