Mark Burnett and CBS recognize that after 12 installations of Survivor, something new has to be done to keep viewers interested. Thus, Survivor: Exile Island is nothing like its predecessors. Although, like two previous Survivor seasons, it is set in Panama once again, the man-made forces are very much different this time around. The first Survivor in Panama had Rupert to keep viewers glued. The second one had an All-Stars cast. This one, has four tribes and an actual exile island.

Yes, you heard me right. Instead of the usual two tribes, Survivor: Exile Island will have four tribes. One tribe is be composed of four young men, another is composed of four older men. The third tribe is composed of four younger women and the last tribe, of four older women. And after a contestant has be outwitted, outplayed and outlasted, instead of enjoying the lap of luxury, he/she will spend the rest of the time in an "exile island." OOOHHHHHH! Interesting...

Meet the contestants...
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The Young Men:
ARAS Baskauskas - 24 years old; a yoga instructor from Santa Monica, California
AUSTIN Carty - 24 years old; an author from High Point, North Carolina
NICK Stanbury - 25 years old; working as waiter while applying for law school; from Tempe, Arizona
BOBBY Mason - 32 years old; a lawyer from Los Angeles, California

The Old Men:
BRUCE Kanegai - 58 years old; a karate instructor and high school art teacher from Simi Valley, California
DAN Barry - 52 years old; a retired astronaut from South Hadley, Massachusetts
SHANE Powers - 35 years old; owner of an entertainment marketing company from Los Angeles, California
TERRY Deitz - 46 years old; an airline pilot and retired navy fighter pilot from Simsbury, Connecticut

The Old Women:
CIRIE Fields - 35 years old; a registered nurse from Walterboro, South Carolina
MELINDA Hyder - 32 years old; a singer from Sevierville, Tennessee
RUTH MARIE Milliman - 45 years old; Director of Retail Leasing from Greenville, South Carolina
TINA Scheer - 45 years old; a logging sports promoter and performer from Hayward, Wisconsin

The Young Women:
MISTY Giles - 24 years old; an engineer fro Dallas, Texas
DANIELLE DiLorenzo - 24 years old; medical sales representative from Pompano Beach, Florida
COURTNEY Marit - 31 years old; a performance artist from Los Angeles, California
SALLY Schumann - 27 years old; a social worker from Chicago, Illinois

  • the age difference between the young groups and the old groups are not that big

  • for both male and female groups, the young group members are generally in their 20s except for one (each for the males and the females) who are in their early thirties

  • the men are generally older than the women

Survivor: Exile Island premieres this Thursday, February 2, 2006 in USA. In the Philippines, it will air, via satellite, over at Studio 23, this Friday, February 3, 2006, at 1 pm. Primetime Replays will now be on Saturdays, 7:30 pm.


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Talamasca said...

I was able to watch the premiere of Exile Island... I loved it... But I think the division of tribes according to age group isn't fair... Sigh... One of the older women got ousted....