My Favorite Fastfood

Jollibee: fried chicken with rice and gravy, burger steak, dalandan juice, choco mallow pie, peach mango pie

Mc Donald's: cheeseburger with lots of ketchup, twister fries with ketchup, pomelo juice, caramel sundae, chicken nuggets, mc chicken sandwich

KFC: original fried chicken, crispy fillet sandwich, ceasar go-go sandwich, ceasar salad, crispy fries

Greenwich: chicken ala king baked rice, garlic mozarella pizza, pearl coolers


Chel said...

Your blog description is so similar to my boyfriend's. :)

ria said...

what's your boyfriend's blog's url?

minor said...

ei san wendys?

ria said...

alang wendy's dito sa davao eh :P