I watched Mulawin and I even enjoyed it a bit (I won't deny it). At the very least, it as worth my P70. I never did watch the TV series and I don't like the two lead actors, nonetheless, I think the movie was entertaining enough. This entry, however, is not really about the movie. This is about Angel Locsin's character, Alwina, wearing the "probinsiyana" uniform of a shirt/blouse combined with a long, flowing skirt which usually has a godawful print. THAT REALLY IRRITATED ME!

For crying out loud, it's 2006 and yet local filmmakers and even TV show makers still dress up "probinsiyanas" like jeans and shorts are not being worn outside Metro Manila. DUH! Even Kristine Hermosa's character in the pending teleserye "Gulong ng Palad" (and even in her past teleseryes) wear the same outfit. GRRR... I have been to the boondocks and the most remote areas of the country and not once did I see a "probinsiyana" frolicking about in the farm fields or mountainsaides wearing flowing skirts.

Even more irritating is the way they typecast characters from outside Metro Manila (aka "the city") as being timid, mahinhin, conservative, uneducated, lovestruck and naive. Not that these are neccesarily undesirable characteristics.

Our movies and tv shows might have gone a long way in terms of technology and technical quality, but still they follow and perpetuate the same archetypes and conventions which are not only boring and tiring, but also irritating and totally false. It's about time the industry focuses not just on the "special effects" and the use of technology but also more on their storylines and characterizations. Archetypes and conventions of the past should be re-evaluated and thrown out if needed. For sure, there are more to "probinsiyanas" as being dull, conservative, lovestruck leading ladies.

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