Acknowledgement for 2006

Plenty of thanks...

To my friends, Neil, Mae, Catet, Angie, Ken, Joey (kahit di ka masyadong nagpaparamdam), Bbboy, Kate and Weng, for being somebody to laugh with and even emo with.

To my "berkz" Ate Ina, Ate Jo, Tinky, Luan, Tricia and Gwing, kasi wala akong choice, magpipinsan tayo eh. :P

To the "maestro" who helped me navigate through the perilous world wide web, Drokemoth.

To my other cousins, Odette, Cindy, Cha, Brian, John and Mae, for the late nights at Wheels and More, Whistl'top and elsewhere.

To Cherry and Aimee for the chismis and the laughs.

To my LJ friends, monix, dearth, extraenchanted, selloutgirl, kingroll, newspaperboy, wittypinai, etc for making me smile, laugh and emo.

To the PCIJ and MLQ3 for inspiring me to blog harder.

To the Buzz people, you fill me life with sooo much useless and stupid crap which I undoubtedly enjoy.

To my newfound friends and to the old ones, special shout-out to Legends '99, who fill my world with intrigue, laughter, and everything else in between.

And to my non-existent BF, nasan ka? JOKE! or not... :P


catet said...

thanks din ri! :)

ria said...