Blast vs Infocom's My ISP

Blast was the first to offer a prepaid internet service via SMS. Instead of buying a scratch card, users can now download a Blast logo and get 2 hours of prepaid internet service from Blast for only PhP20. Just text Blast to 2366. Although, the user only gets to use only 2 hours, he can avail of Blast's free off-peak hours from 12 midnight to 8 am. The service is open only to Globe subcribers. The download is only valid for 7 days.

Meanwhile, Infocom has recently introduced their My ISP service for Smart, Talk and Text and Addict Mobile subscribers. By texting MyISP to 483, the user gets 24 hours of unlimited internet service. The unlimited usage good for 24 hours after the first log-in and the download is good for 5 days.

Which is the better offer? If you are not a chronic internet user, use the Blast service. But if you love surfing and chatting and doing internet stuff, use the My ISP service.

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