2005 Resolutions

These were my "goals" for 2005 and the results:

1) be in the DL (ga not below 1.99 & no grade lower than 2) this sem and next sem - YES! OF COURSE!

2) have a gen ave of 1.75 or higher this sem, gen ave of 1.5 or higher next sem - YES! and YES!

3) submit all papers/requirements on time - ;)

4) lose 10 lbs by dec 30, 2005 - HAHA!

5) earn at least P2,000/month (earnings in excess of P2,000 for one month will not be added to next months' earnings) - fortunately, YES!

6) submit my resume, letter of intention and sample works to at least 2 local newspapers - BOOOOO!

7) approach at least 5 companies to buy my cousin's product - NOT! :P

8) save at least P1,000/month - NGEK!

9) watch at least 1 tagalog movie per month, even if crappy ones are being shown - almost

10) write at least one article per week for my cousin's website - NOT! but I did maintain 4 blogs so...

11) solicit from at least 2 companies for my aw2spec's events - NOT!

12) attend all classes unless there is a valid, real reason - YES!!!

5 out of 12??? Good but not good enough!
I should do better this year... ;)

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