The New Me Update #3

It has been weeks since I posted an update about my self-reinvention objective which is to lessen cramming ang procrastination. Well, here's a little something...

Last week, our English 203 class was divided in groups of five. We were supposed to present a mock talk show yesterday. We were grouped last Tuesday, and by Thursday last week, we were already prepared with out topic and the flow of our discussion. We even had the plans for the required commercial break and news flash segments. Modesty aside, it was me who did most of the work, and I did it wayyy before the schedule.

As a result, we had one of the best presentations yesterday afternoon and our teacher praised our group. I guess working ahead of schedule and having the opportunity to polish and perfect it really does pay. ;)


balikbayan_box said...

when i was in college we did a mock talk show as well and i was a wannabe this movie actress hahaha

sabi lang nila kamukha ko raw kasi

well i did win best talk show guest hahaha weird!

ria said...

HEHE! I got the highest grade in the entire class, 97 ;)

balikbayan_box said...

so sama ka sa Sept 25?

ria said...

sorry, i can't

rhea said...

hi there!!:)

i was randomly browsing through blogs and i came upon yours..just want to leave you a note to say that we do like the same things..i mean, i love the musical rent(my fave character there is angel, too), veronica mars, zhang ziyi, bob ong and jessica zafra's twisted, among my many other interests..:)

and are you an atenean? :)

my name's rhea..:)

ria said...

hi rhea!!!

Yup, I studied in AdMU. ;)