Amazing Race: Family Edition

Amazing Race 8 will start airing this September 28 (live via satellite on Studio 23 from CBS). This installment of my favorite reality tv show will be a family edition with 4 members per team.

The Teams

1.) The Gaghan Family from Glastonbury, Connecticut, composed of father Bill (40), mother Tammy (42) and children Billy (12) and Carissa (9).

2.) The Schroeder Family from New Orleans, Louisiana, composed of Mark (40), Char (39) and Mark's children from a previous marriage: Stassi (17) and Hunter (15).

3.) The Aiello Family from Mansfield, Massachusettes is led by Tony (57) and his three sons-in-law: Kevin (31), Matt (31) and David (26).

4.) The Rogers Family from Shreveport, Louisiana, composed of Denny (46), Renee (42) and their children: former Miss Louisiana Britney (22) and Brock (19).

5.) The Black Family of Woodbridge, Virginia is composed of Reggie (45), Kimberly (40) and their two sons: Kenneth (11) and Austin (8).

6.) The Weaver Family from Ormond Beach, Florida, composed of Linda (46) and her three children: Rachel (16), Rebecca (19) and Rolly (14).

7.) The Linz Family from Cincinnati, Ohio is composed of siblings: Tommy (19), Megan (21), Alex (22) and Nick (24).

8.) The Bransen Family of Park Ridge, Illinois composed of Walter (51) and his three daughters: Lindsay (20), Elizabeth (25) and Lauren (22).

9.) The Paolo Family from Carmel, New York, composed of Tony (52) and Marion (52) and their two sons: DJ (24) and Brian (16).

10.) The Godlewski Family from Des Plains, Illinois is composed of sisters: Michelle (42), Christine (37), Sharon (39) and Tricia (26).

According to rumors, the season will have a historical theme.

Can't hardly wait for this. 18 days to go...

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