Veronica Mars

The other favorite show of mine last season is VERONICA MARS. The show's lead, Veronica Mars (played by Kristin Bell) is the daughter of the former chief of police of Neptune. Veronica's bestfriend, Lily Kane, was mysteriously killed and Veronica's dad, Keith, accused Lily's rich and powerful father, Jake Kane, of killing her own daughter. However, days after the murder, somebody confessed to murdering Lily Kane. For this, Keith was fired and is now a private investigator. To make matters complicated, Lily's brother, Duncan, was Veronica's ex-boyfriend who suddenly broke up with her before Lily's death. AND Veronica's mom is rumored to have an affair with Jake Kane.

During the first season, Veronica relentlessly pursued solving the truth behind Lily's murder while struglling to keep afloat in Neptune High where she is considered an outcast. And along the way, Veronica forges a strong bond with a new kid, Wallace, another outcast, Weevil the biker guy; and surprisingly forms a connection with Lily's former boyfriend, Duncan's bestfriend and one of Veronica's most despised people, the cocky Logan Echolls. Despite the fact that the murder-solving dragged on for an entire season, it was still an interesting show with clever subplots, twists and turns.

The season ender was definitely a breath-taker. The real murderer's identity was a nice surprise which kept me guessing until I read a spoiler. Hehe...

Til next season...

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