One of my favorite TV shows last season was Lost. It's basically about a bunch of airplane crash survivors, lost in a weird island far away from civilization. The intriguing part is, the isalnd seems to have a life of its own. Imagine a polar bear in a tropical island. Or a delusional Frenchwoman who keeps on talking about "the others." Or people appearing out of nowhere. The shows creators, JJ Abrams (Felicity and Alias) and Damon Lindelof, are geniuses for coming up with a pretty used up idea and turning it into something exciting.

As the first season progressed, questions popped up, mysteries were revelaed but answers were nowhere to be found. The show also cleverly integrated the exposition about the characters' lives pre-crash into the storyline. If this TV show was a book, it would be a page turner. You just want to know what happens next.

Before the season ended, one of the main characters (and one of my favorites), Boone died. The death of a major character only made me more interested in the series. It goes to show that the writers are unpredictable.

The main cast is composed of:

  • Matthew Fox as JACK the doctor
  • Evangeline Lilly as KATE the runaway fugitive, and love interest of Jack and Sawyer
  • Dominic Monaghan as CHARLIE the guitarist of a fermerly popular band
  • Jorge Garcia as HURLEY the guy who became rish when he won the lottery after he used the mysterious numbers associated with the island
  • Maggie Grace as SHANNON the spoiled brat stepsister of the now dead Boone and love interest of Sayid
  • Malcolm David Kelley as WALT the only kid survivor, the son of Michael and is said to be a jinx
  • Naveen Andrews as SAYID the former Iraqi Republican Guard and love interest of Shannon
  • Harold Perrineau as MICHAEL, Walt's dad who is forced to take care of Walt after Walt's mother died
  • Josh Holloway as SAWYER the bad boy who hoards stuff and love interest of Kate
  • Terry O' Quinn as LOCKE the all-knowing former paraplegic, who leads the pack everytime they venture into the jungle
  • Daniel Dae Kim as JIN the Korean hitman of his father-in-law and formerly controlling husband of Sun
  • Yunjin Kim as SUN the Korean lady who hid from his husband that she knows how to speak English
  • Emilie de Ravin as CLAIRE the formerly pregnant woman who was kidnapped
The second season is due to start in a few days in USA. (Unfortunately, it won't be shown here in the Philippines in the next few months.) The first mystery to be solved will the hatch. What is in there??? They promise to reveal in the first few episodes of season two.

Why was Walt kidnapped by "the others"? That, however, won't be answered sometime soon.

Will the second season be as exciting? Hopefully. New characters are joining led by Anna (to be played by Michelle Rodriguez) who is a survivor from another part of the plane. She is reported to be the new love interest of Dr. Jack. OOOhhhh, interesting...

Til the second season is shown here, I will have to content myself with reading spoilers and recaps.


snow said...

ala lang bored lang.. Nice show... its starting this week...hehehe cant wait... meron din ako na miss last season kaya nga i will buy or rent the 1st season dvds... another good show is 'House' about a sarcastic doctor solving complicated medical problems

ria said...

balitaan mo ako ng spoilers ha... although, I kinda know na what's in the hatch. hehe...