I Should Have Blogged in High School

After the cheering competition during 1st Yr HS

I am quite dismayed that blogging was not yet available when I was in high school coz high school was much, much, much more interesting than my life now. Right now, I blog about politics, books, movies, school, business and work. Not that my life now is not good, it's not just that interesting.

1st Year Retreat

Back in high school, there was enough drama to rival a teleserye. I cried, I shouted, I ranted like crazy.

And the angst. My goodness, there was more enough to last me a million years.

4th Yr HS cheering

And then there was action. I was bitchy and explosive. I even punched a guy and kicked another one.

Before the Grad Ceremony

And of course there was fun, fun and fun!!! Despite the drama, the angst and the (unwarranted) action, it was the best times of my life. I found who I really was and gained some of the most important relationships in my life. ;) Too bad I didn't have a blog back then that I could browse through right now to relive those moments.

Our Batch Logo

Pics from my HS friends. ;)


snow said...

Ala lang... intrigue lang ko.. when nang 1st year picture gi take? hehehe anyway ingatz...

ria said...

ummm... during the retreat and after the cheering nung intrams :D

snow said...

ic ala na diay ko.. hehehe... nways thanks...