A TV-less Weekend

Prologue: Thursday
11 pm The TV breaks down for no good reason. So I surf and blog until 4 am.

12 nn I eat lunch.
1 pm I attend class until 4:40 pm.
4:30 pm I surf the net in school and discover the wonders of BlogExplosion.
7:00 pm I go home, eat dinner and start missing my TV.
7:30 pm I go out to play DOTA with my cousins.
12 mn We eat out. Hehe...
1 am I start surfing and blogging until 4 am.

7:30 am I wake up and prepare for tutoring.
8:00 am I start tutoring until 12 nn.
12 nn I eat lunch.
12:30 pm I sleep until 3:30 pm.
3:30 pm I start working for a business project, go online to surf and blog here and here and here.
6:00 pm I eat dinner and decide not to go out for the night and surf and blog instead.
6:30 pm I resume surfing and blogging until 5 am.

12 nn I wake up and eat lunch.
1:00 pm I read the newspapers.
2:00 pm I take a nap.
5:30 pm I wake up and go online.
6:00 pm I eat dinner.
6:30 pm I go out with my cousins.
12 mn I go home, go online and still am.

Internet ang gamot sa kawalan ng TV. HAHA!!!

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