30 things before I turn 30

A couple of nights ago, I began to think that I am about to turn 25 in about a year and a half. And most people think that turning 25 is some sort of milestone. So it got me into thinking of things I wish to have or accomplish when I turn 25. To make it sort of meaningful or at least cute, I tried to make a list of 25 things. But since I only have about a year and a half left, I thought it would be too ambitious and unattainable. SO, I amended the list into...

30 Things I HAVE to Have or Accomplish Before I Turn 30 (April 28, 2008):
  1. buy myself a neat laptop, MP3 player, the latest mobile phone and digital camera USING MY OWN MONEY;*

  2. successful D***D****.com (a website my paternal cousins and I are currently working on)*;

  3. hold a successful CEX (another great idea by me and a maternal cousin) at least once* but hopefully twice;

  4. go to Boracay and/or Palawan*, travel to Europe and/or go on an Asian Cruise;

  5. have an undergraduate degree in Education* and a masters degree in either Education or an ES-related field;

  6. attain and maintain an ideal weight of 110-115 lbs unless I get pregnant (AS IF!);

  7. a kick-ass wardrobe composed mostly of stuff I bought for myself;

  8. read the Lord of the Rings Trilogy;

  9. learn to play a sport*;

  10. learn Flash, php and other website development applications*;

  11. learn a foreign language (either build on the little Italian or Spanish I already know or learn an entirely different language);

  12. pay for my own cellphone bill (which I already do) and the best internet connection available*;

  13. have a bank account with at least a million pesos in it;

  14. earn at least P50,000.00 monthly from all my jobs and businesses;

  15. healthy: no diabetes, no cancer, no heart problems, normal levels of cholesterol, blood sugar, etc;

  16. still not smoking;

  17. have learned to play an instrument (preferably reacquaint with the piano or learn to play the violin);

  18. have taken voice lessons*;

  19. have produced, directed, written, acted or otherwise participated in making an independent film;

  20. write a book;

  21. live in own apartment or house;

  22. learn how to drive;

  23. establish an academic institution (preferably a center for gifted children which focuses on math [hehe]);

  24. throw a fabulous birthday party for myself (hehe);

  25. forgive and make amends with at least one of this people ML, MA or MC or any other person who has scarred me significantly;

  26. write as a legitimate columnist for a local or national newspaper;

  27. earn respect and reputation as a writer and preferably win a Palanca Award for essay (as I am not creative enough for the other categories);

  28. work for a government office for at least a year even just as a consultant or a part-timer;

  29. live a moral life without being judgmental of others;

  30. touch the life of at least one person in a positive way.


grace d.s. said...

great goals, ria! i might take a vacation next year and hopefully we can chat. i'd like to be your partner on some of your 'target goals', i.e. business, independent movie(s). maybe we could go on a trip to boracay or palawan and play a sport together (i'll teach you how to play table tennis--- hehehe), and in the process learn a foreign language. so what do you say... just give me a holler :)

ria said...

sure, sure... kaw pa... malakas ka sa akin eh, hehe... pls do warn me at least 2 months before oyu arrive, life is hectic eh, AS IF!!!