Yahoo Publisher Network

For the longest time, Google Adsense has been the un-challenged leader in providing text-based ads for blogs and websites. For those unfamiliar with Adsense, site and blog owners, have to sign up, choose and customize a format and simply paste its code to their site/blog. Then, Google will provide the ads. Both the site/blog owner and Google earns money each time an ad is clicked on. (SO click on some of those ads on my rride side panel will you? Thanks!)

Enter Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN), Yahoo's very own service for providing text-based ads. It is reportedly still in the beta stage but they hope to end beta testing by the end of the year. Allegedly, It works just like Google but with better services.

Unfortunately, Yahoo is only offering the service to US-based publishers for now. And they do not allow publishers to have text-based ads other than those from YPN. Thus, publishers cannot have both Adsense and YPN on at the same time.

For me, this can only mean one thing: competition. And competition usually bring about better services. So while, I am unable to avail of YPN's services (yet), I am hoping that Adsense will improve their services to compete with YPN.

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