NOPE, I haven't had my heart broken recently. But three of my friends have had theri hearts broken and another one recently told me about his past heartbreak. I've never had any formal romatic relationships or commitments. But yes, I have had my heart broken.

No, break ups and heartbreaks are not mutually exclusive. One may have his/her heart broken without even having to break up with another person. And, in some cases, break ups do not bring about heartbreaks.

When one's heart is broken, one tends to be bitter, melodramatic, insecure, traumatized, frustrated and/or depressed. Heartbroken people usually cannot sleep or eat properly. The look at the world in a different light. And sometimes, like I did, they become guarded and build a transparent (but very much impenatrable) force field around them which deflects any form of affection, even if it is sincere, from somebody of the opposite (or for some, of the same) sex.

Heartbreaks are hard. It makes one think about the what could haves, should haves and would haves. It makes one reminisce the past and look for faults, and smile at the sweet moments at the same time. It makes one fear for the future. For some, it makes them wonder how they could live without the other.

Heartbreaks makes people question themselves. Or maybe question the other. And mostly, question what happened. What went wrong? What did I or he/she do wrong? Were we stupid? Am I stupid? And sometimes, it makes people ask about the future. Will I ever love again? Will I ever move on? Is there really somebody out there for me?

Yes, heartbreaks are unquestionably hard and painful. But it is not the end of everything. The sun will still rise and shine. It might bring about gloomy and lonely days and nights, but life will go on. We might not neccessarily be better people after all that happened. And maybe there is really nothing to be learned from the experience. Sometimes, a heartbreak is merely just a heartbreak. But it is not the end.

One must always move on. And the only proper way of moving on, I think, is to let go. Let go of what was. Let go of the what could, should or would haves. For if we fail to move, we fail to live.

We might never love again. There might be nobody there to love you that way again. And you might just have lost the greatest love of your life. But that is not the end of your life. There are still people to meet, places to go to, and adventures to experience.


Marc Gabay said...

i agree

catet said...

O U C H ! ! ! talaga...

i know 2 of the 3... am just wondering who's the third?

and ri, thanks for writing...coz this is something that i'm finding hard to grasp right now.

ria said...

catet, the third one is not a legend ;)

Hope I was able to help. :D