Pure Instinct Band

Last Saturday, my friends and I watched the Brownman Revival perform at The Venue here in Davao City. One of the front acts was Pure Instinct. The most appropriate word to describe them, I think, is mixed-up. That band has a severe case of identity crisis.

First off, most of the members were wearing hip-hop garb. Then, they started off their set with an instrumental of a weird song which terribly sounded like the Little Drummer Boy (pa ra pa pum pum). THEN, their lead singer suddenly bounced into the stage and sang a rock song. Then, after a couple more rock songs, their other lead singer (a female) entered the stage wearing a pink themed outfit which seemed cute but didn't quite make it as great, not even good.

After a while, the band continued playing a weird selection of songs and ended with a handful of dance tunes which got the crowd dancing.

The most irritatin part about the whole thing was one of their band members, Raymond Bautista the second lead guitarist, who seemed to like himself too much. He was wayyy too cocky. He was wayyy to jumpy and wayyy to perky. He seemed to think he's a great guy. NOT! NOT! NOT!

They performed ok, I guess. But then again, I was too pre-occupied with their lack of style and apparent lack of identity. Simply put, they're better heard than watched. ARGH!!!

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catet said...

was with ria during the concert. it was torture.

the guitarist looked like he was on drugs.