Looking for an easy way to sell something? Or maybe a stress-free way of posting your resume? Or maybe you just want to meet some people to connect with?

Introducing KUWEBA.com, an Online Marketplace For Filipinos, By Filipinos. Kuweba.com is practically an interactive online classified ads. It is divided into nine sections:
  • Community - a venue for like-minded people to interact and possibly form a community amongst themselves; carpools and bands may also be created here
  • Personals - for hooking up with friends, textmates, flings and other entanglements
  • Discussion Forums
  • - for knowing what other people say and for sharing what you want to say
  • Housing - to look for apartments, houses, and other pieces of real estate
  • For Sale - to buy and sell
  • Services - to post your freelance (or otherwise) services, from tutorials to plumbing
  • Jobs - to post and browse through available jobs throughout the country
  • Resumes - to submit resumes and/or to browse through submitted resumes from all over the archipelago
  • Gigs - to post events, gigs and parties or maybe to look for one that you can go to attend, or be part of
Everything you need and want is here. Everything you need and want to do can be done here. What are you waiting for? Register at Kuweba.com and avail of it's unlimited utilities all for you.

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