This week's Blog Explosion Rent My Blog tenant is Haunted House Dressing by Jeremy C. Shipp. His Blog Explosion site description reads:
Tired of the same old websites filled with free online novels, short stories, animation, music, natural health information, movie lists, gibberish, insanity, and photographs of condor ghosts? Well then, you better not visit this website.

The blog's description/welcome blurb:
Hello, welcome to Haunted House Dressing. This is a place where toasters run free and hippos climb trees. Read what you want. Ignore what you don't. Laugh, cry, and tickle some nuns while you're at it. They won't mind. Throw a stinky old sock in the stinky old well, and all your dreams might come true (depending upon the humidity level). Beware of the garden gnomes lurking in (almost) every shadow. They're waiting for their chance to climb on your head and do a jig. All in all, it behooves you to have some weird fun, and think some weird thoughts. If you don't, the ground will open and an army of polka dot penguins will spew forth and eat up all the fish. And then they'll die of mercury poisoning, and then you'll feel guilty. Oh so guilty.

The content is basically poetry by the blogger. The blog itself has a goth feel to it. But the entries are not all gothic, gory and depressing. The writing is witty and entertaining. Visit it... ;)


Mark George said...

Blog Explosion sucks. You are wasting your time promoting anything to do with it. Try keeping stats and you will find the traffic is worthless. Most of the other blog traffic exchanges deliver better traffic. And they aren't a'holes running it.

Tim Linden said...

As for "they aren't a'holes running it".. They owners have always been nice to me, but then again it could be because I'm an exchange owner? I don't know..