A Step Further

Two weeks ago, I was hired by the high school department of the school I am studying in right now. I am now one of the official remedial classes instructors. I was assigned the Saturday classes since the regular teachers don't want to teach on Saturdays. But I do, oh yes I do. Hehe...

I am now handling the remedial classes for the 2nd year Math Elective: Statistics on Saturday mornings, and for the 4th year Math Elective: Trigonometry. I was also I assigned to handle the 3rd Year Math: Geometry. I was initially hesitant to take the Geometry assignment because I wasn't so fond of Geometry in high school and we didn't have it in my other college.

Fortunately, I think I have been doing well. Better than I was doing in my tutoring classes simply because I am now focused on Math and I have at least 9 hours per week to discuss Math, Math and Math. HAPPINESS!!!

Plus, I think that this opportunity gives me an edge because it is a good practical application of my current course: Bachelor of Secondary Education major in MATHEMATICS. AND I think this will also help me improve my teaching methods and acquire some good classroom management skills. The fact that I have to give exercises and quizzes and I have to grade the students only adds plus points to the experience. I also think that it presents a very good challenge to me since I am handling students who have not so great grades in (and attitude towards) Mathematics.

My earliest memory of wanting to be something was wanting to be teacher. I remember back in grade 3, I was happy teaching my classmates hwo to do our math assignments, hehe... But I realized or at least I thought I was good at writing so then I wanted to be a writer, a journalist or something to that effect. Then, I got into a science high school which forced me to re-think my ambitions in life. And so I decided I wanted to be an evironmental scientist. But things sucked for me (I WAS DEFINITELY NOT BUILT TO BE A LAB RAT!). Although I barely finished BS ES, my career prospects weren't as exciting as I thought it would be. Actually, they were but I wasn't quite as excited as I thought I would and/or should be.

I had a stint as a tutor at a sucky profit-oriented tutorial center which cemented my desire to be a good teacher so I decided to study to be a teacher and be a freelance tutor while studying. And now, here I am, not quite an education graduate but already an official remedial instructor.

Although there are time when I do want to quit or feel like I am getting way too stressed or that everything is spiralling out fo control, my passion for math and teaching has kept me afloat.

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