Frenzy over Friendster

It's funny that people are going crazy over the fact that Friendster (no links coz I'm mad at them too, hehe...) has a new feature. You can now see who browsed through your profile. Good for you right??? THINK AGAIN! If you have been stalking people -- your crush, your enemies, people you hate, people whose pictures you laugh at, celebrities, pseudo-celebrities, ad infinitum -- they will now know that you do. Oh, yes... it works both ways. Thus, friendsters everywhere are nervous. HAHA!!! I, self-confessed, uber-mega-stalker of every person possible even those I vaguely know, just laugh at the idea. SO what???

Let them wonder why I browsed through their profile. Let them think how I know them or how I stumbled through their page. Let them have sleepless nights (AS IF!). Seriously, are we really that shocked that other people use friendster to stalk and snoop like we do??? HELLO!!! Earth to you, it's not a novel idea. Ever since we signed up for it, we already knew its potency as a stalking device.

Now, what really pissed me off was Friendster's introduction of the Groups feature. So, I master-organizer of groups of all sorts, was crushed when this feature suddenly went kaput, gone without a trace, nowhere to be found without any explanations or apologies. THAT REALLY PISSED ME OFF!!!

Friendster sucks and we know it. We only stick with it because people are already there, unlike Orkut or Multiply or any of the other sites offering the same services. Personally, I prefer Multiply. So friendsters, lets go forth and multiply... hehe... Seriously, try it out. ;)


ike said...

there's actually a way around that 'who's viewed me' thing.

i posted it in my own blog.

self-promo, shempre. ;-)


ria said...

yup, yup, I know but the loophole only makes me more angry at the friendster ppl, hehe...

riche||e said...

use the "view anonymously" feature

NUTHIN said...

oh my gosh i didnt know they cud see that im viewing them.. since when??? sh*t.. i checked out y frendster and yeah makikita nga hu viewed me.. haaay nako cooorny na. yah multiply is way better dude!