For internet rookies like me, availing free user-friendly website tools is a MUST. When I first tried making a site on my own (ie without the help from my cousin), I used Bravenet.com tools to make a guestbook, a message board and a contact/feedback form. It was wayyy back when I blogs didn't even exist.

Now, I don't have any actual websites, only numerous blogs. Out of boredom (since it's sembreak right now), I decided to add a few features on my site such as polls and a refer to a friend button. And after browsing through other free providers, I decided to settle with bravenet once again since I am already comfortable with their interface.

Surprise, surprise, they now have a plethora of ther free services which are user-friendly and customizable. I decided register for their mini-poll service (see my latest Amazing Race post) as well as their vote caster, tell-a-friend and traffic exchange services. Navigating through the costumization service takes a little time to get used to, but it's worth it.

Making the poll using bravenet was definitely easier than making one in pollhost.com which I used for my Bebs vs Love post.

I didn't avail of their stat counter since I am already using the services of StatCounter.com which I already find very efficient.

Bravenet's other services are calendar, classifieds, counter stats, daily cartoons, e-cards, email forms, faq service, fast url redirect, free links, guest map, guest book, headline news, horoscope, live chat, mailing list, message forum, password gate, photo center, site ring, site search, today in history and web journal (blog service). They also offer tips for webmasters and other free stuff (clip arts, javascripts, etc).

Although availing of free services such as Bravenet's limit the possibilities for my blog, for now, I am content with using it.


Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Thanks for that confidence in Bravenet. Dave would be proud.

God bless.

Jetting Through Life said...

Nice blog! Thanks for stopping by mine!