The Amazing Race: Family Edition

I was able to watch the live satellite feed of the season premiere of The Amazing Race. And it did not disappoint. Although the American History theme did throw me off quite a bit, I liked the novel idea of having families as teams. I like most of the teams especially the Gaghans, coz the kids are just too cute. Hehe... And it's nice to see the teams helping out each other.

BUT I do hate the Paolo Team. Their constant bikering is damn irritating.

I did like the Blacks and I was really sad when they were eliminated. :'(

Although this edition of the Amazing Race is rumored to be confined within the 51 states of USA, I hope it will match the intensity and excitement of the past seasons.

The Amazing Race airs on Studio 23 and AXN. The live satellite feed is shown on Studio 23, 9 am on Wednesdays. The primetime broadcast of S23 is at 8 pm on the same day while AXN airs it at 9 pm.

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