The New Me

I've been a student since I was six years old. I am now twenty-three. Two things have not changed since, my thirst for knowledge and sadly, my propensity for procrastination.

We only continue to live, I believe, if we learn. Learn from our mistakes and be better for it.

So, in quest of a better me, I have decided to let go of my precious procrastinating skills.

No more late nights spent writing an essay due in a few hours time. No more delaying making projects. No more putting off studying for a quiz or an exam just to watch a TV show, not even if it's my favorite show and it's the season finale. No more lying bored wishing something exciting would happen when school books are waiting to be read and researches waiting to be done. No more waking up one hour earlier than required for the opportunity to scan my notes right before I hurry to school. No more.

My education is for nobody else but myself. And, I believe, I owe it to myself to exert the proper effort and spend the proper time towards educating myself. After all, life is all about learning.


sabine said...

i don't want to procrastinate anymore too. i end up hating myself immensely... today i'm having the worst procrastinative spell in my entire life. i don't know how to get over it... kumain na ako ng chocolates, natulog sandali, nagnet ng nagnet pero wa epek pa rin. sigh.

when will i ever learn?
if you overcome your tendency to procrastinate please let me know ..

by the way ate ria, mind if i link to your two sites?

ria said...

It's a long shot but trying newver hurt anyone, right?

Sure link away. I'll link to yours, too. ;)