Christmas Party 2004

Here are some pics from our HS Batch (Legends '99) Christmas Party last December 30, 2004 at my house:

PGF Girls: EJ, Weng, Niña, Baby, Ria, Joie and Angie
(Chie and Grace, we MISS YOU!)

The Tech People (Rosal/Calcium/Electron):
Et, Ria, Tiani, Masol, JJ, Patrick, Bbboy
and PJ

Pearl People: Joie, Angie, Ria, Weng, EJ, Niña, JR, Baby
seated: Ronald and Alvin

standing: Kittyn, Donnah, Joie, Bess, Niña, Baby, Kate, Angie, Patrick, JJ, Bbboy, Rene, PJ, Anna, Ellen, JR
seated on chairs: Chiqui, Mae, Ria, Catet, Neil (Siawee), Nened, Alvin, EJ
squatting: Masol, Tiani, Et, Ariz, Weng, Ronald

The partey ended at about 4 am, hehe... Til this December guys!!! Sana mas maraming pumunta this December. ;)

For more pictures, please visit riajose2's multiply site.

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