First Day (Phunk) in HS

First Day (Phunk) in HS

It was June 1, 1995, a Thursday. I arrived in school, way before everybody did. I was there by about 6:45 am. Assembly and flag ceremony was supposed to be at 7:30 am. I was wearing a blue (vertical) striped Giordano shirt with a sort of string at the collar part, baggy jeans and denim Giordano sneakers. (Giordano was the fad those days.)

I hang out, leaned on a post at the Administration Office in front of the assembly area. Then, minutes after, dormers started to arrive wearing their uniform. Apparently, they were upperclassmen. Freshies also started arriving, also wearing their civilian clothes. (We got to wear civilian clothes to school for weeks because the manufacturer making the material used for our skirt.) I practically didn't know anybody. I only knew another girl and only because she was from the same elementary school. She didn't arrive until a few minutes before the assembly.

Then, at about 7:30 we experienced our first flag ceremony there. After which, welcomes and speeches about being the "cream of the crop" and the "best of the best" deafened and scared us.

After which, all freshmen were told to go to the Social Hall which also doubled as classrooms. Then, the first year advisers/moderators introduced themselves. There was Ms. Gonzaga for Diamond, Ms. Remollo for Gold and Ms. Aballe for Pearl. For no reason whatsoever, I wished I would be in section Pearl. After the introductions, the class list for diamond was read and students from this section went out of the room. Then, students belonging to gold were called and went out. The rest of us left, remained in the room and now composed section Pearl. There were 30 of us.

I was sooo happy that the girl (Vicky/Baby) who came from the same elementary school as I did was also in the same section. Vicky and I sat together on the front row. But we were separated because Ms. Aballe wanted us to seat in an alternating sex pattern. So Vicky was seated at the rightmost part of the first row, in between us was Ronald, then me, then Joey.

After the seating arrangement was set, we were asked to introduce ourselves. We were supposed to say our name, our nickname, where we come from, the school we came from, our rank/title upon elementary graduation (valedictorian, salutatorian, honorable mention, etc) and our "expectations." HAHA! I was sooo intimidated to hear the ranks/academic achievement of my classmates. Most graduated valedictorian or salutatorian. I think it was at that point when I decided that exerting effort to be on the honor roll wasn't just worth it considering practically everybody else was competition.

And so began my high school life...

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joey said...

hahaha... these things i would wanna read. early high school was a blur.