American Idol 5 Top Ten Boys

Here's my ranking (before taking a peek into the results):

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1/2 ELLIOT Yamin - flawless performance; getting better each week

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1/2 CHRIS Daughtry - excellent performance; very heartfelt

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3 GEDDEON McKinney - much better than last week

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4 BUCKY Covington - very good but lack charisma; outshined by Chris

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5 WILL Makar - reminded me of Josh Groban but still forgettable

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6 TAYLOR Hicks - made me smile; still has a lot of work to do

7/8 KEVIN Cobais - not a sex symbol! haha... he owned the song; it wasn't a great performace but very enjoyable; I love the song

7/8 DAVID Radford - failed to wow, but turned it an ok performance; the song was one of my favorites and I love David but...

9/10 ACE Young - I agree with Simon on this one; he picked the wrong song and butchered the song throughout his performance; like David, I liked him and the song (separately from each other

9/10 JOSE "SWAY" Penala - GRRR... I also love the song... but... Simon was right when he said that Sway seemed to be seemed to be singing in a karaoke bar... not good enough

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