American Idol 5 Top 10 Girls

Disappointing is how I would describe the performance of the remaining American Idol 5 girls. They failed to surpass or even just measure up to their excellent performances last week. Nonetheless, some showed brillliance while others were just forgettable or painful to watch and hear.

My ranking:

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1 MANDISA - fantastic performance; very good song choice, powerful voice

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2/3 KELLIE Pickler - great performance; way better than last week

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2/3 LISA Tucker - very good performance but somewhat forgettable

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4 KATHARINE McPhee - good but not her best, disappointing coz we all know that she's capable of something better

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5 AYLA Brown - continues to shock and impress with her smart choices; a bit shaky but still very good

6/7 MELISSA McGhee - surprisingly good but still charisma

6/7/8 PARIS Bennett - good but creepy performance; not forgettable but something I'd like to forget

7/8 KINNIK Sky - ok performance, not bad but not too good either

9 HEATHER Cox - boring performance

10 BRENNA Getthers - reminded me of the horror that was Bobby Bennett's Copacabana performance...

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