Gender Roles

Earlier today in class, we are divided into groups and assigned to present a short skit about the functions of a family and its members. As my groupmates and I started to discuss our skit, I was disappointed that my female groupmates suggested that the "mother" stay at home and do housework while the "father" goes to work and does practically no housework. When I objected to the idea and told them that maybe it would be nice to have both parents work and do housework at the same time, my female groupmates frowned and rejected the idea because they said that that's not normal. (Notice that I keep mentioning my female groupmates only coz the guys pretty much kept quiet). Since I was outnumbered and I didn't really want to ruffle feathers, I gave in to their concept.

What's even more disappointing is that two other groups had the same concept of a mom staying at home and the dad going to work. While another group portrayed a widowed mother who was depressed and couldn't function properly.

I do not mean to undervalue housewives. Doing housework all day is definitely hard work.

What bothers me is the fact that everybody's concept of a family is pretty much the same, as if they are programmed to believe that all moms stay at home while dads go to work. And the widowed mom was portrayed as being weak. And they even told me explicitly that a mom going to work and a dad doing housework is not "normal." My groupmate also told me that the girls should help their mom with the housework while the boys dilly-dally with the dad.

It seems that even with all the technological and ideological advancements of our generation, a lot are still stuck in the gender-typing of the yesteryears.



loreen said...

that's just sad. considering those females are in school. why the heck are they trying to acquire a college degree if all they want is to find a good provider and stay at home to do the housework?

besides, when has it ever been normal for a person, male or female, to just stay at home, do the housework and get paid with more housework? who defines what "normal" is?

apples said...

A lot of people tend to say "that's just the way it is". When you tell them it'll always be that way unless someone change it, they again say "that's just the way it is". Society wouldn't function the way it does without the people in it. And people wouldn't function the way they do if society hadn't told them to do so.

We're going in circles and I'm starting to get dizzy.

As for "normal" - I just don't believe in that. People will tell you "no no, not being normal doesn't have to be bad". The opposite of normal is abnormal. Abnormal is bad.

I think it's time to change the world!

web_loafer said...

I think we are hardwired to love someone of the oppisite sex.
That doesn't mean anything unless you are the Creator.
Why would the Creator have make male and female so different, if the creator wanted us to be homosexual????????????????????