American Idol 5 Top 12 Boys

Generally, the guys turned in performances that were just ok. Most of them were not bad, but still incomparable to the performances of Lisa Tucker, Mandisa, Katharine Mc Phee and Paris Bennett. Still, last year people said the guys outshone the girls but Carrie Underwood ended up with the prize, so...

My Top 6:

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1 Elliot Yamin - great song choice coupled with a great voice = excellent performance

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2/3 Jose "SWAY" Penala - great performance

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2/3 Chris Daughtry - great performance but his repertoire might be limited

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4 Ace Young - good voice, has charisma but has to bring something new and unique to the table to really stand out

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5 Taylor Hicks - was never really a fan of his but he was surprisingly good

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6 Bucky Covington - good but was outshined by Chris

The others are actually one same level/rank with each other but here's my rough ranking as well:

7 David Radford - I like him but he lacks versatility

8 Kevin Cobais - good performance, simple but heartfelt, but not good enough

9 Will Makar - again, good performance but not good enough

10 Patrick Hall - so, so performance

11 Geddeon McKinney - he needs to give a something more, his performance was good but not AI level good

12 Bobby Bennett - his performance was a bit Las Vegas-y for me, which is not neccessarily bad, but not good enough for the competition

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